Mayor of Buckingham

Introduction to Buckingham's new Mayor

Cllr. Margaret Gateley was elected unanimously as the new Town Mayor on Monday 17th May 2021. Paul Gateley will be the Mayor’s consort for the year.

Cllr. Margaret Gateley was delighted to be chosen. “As I take on the role of mayor, I am conscious of the rich history of our town. I look forward to representing Buckingham at events and to encourage community groups during the coming months as we enjoy our renewed freedoms. My main priorities are the climate emergency and our town’s recovery from the pandemic.”

Mayor of Buckingham Cllr. Margaret Gateley

Short History of the Role

Cllr. Margaret Gateley is the 256th Mayor of Buckingham since 1684. Buckingham is a 2,000-year-old town whose first Royal Charter in 1554 from Queen Mary I created an elected role of Bailiff. A role that also included Justice of the Peace. The second Royal Charter in 1664 from King Charles II made the Bailiff and the Burgesses; Alderman. Alderman are now Councillors, but the role of Mayor remains.

The Mayor's Chaplain

The Mayor’s Chaplain is Reverend Tim Edworthy and he is the Minister at Buckingham’s Well Street United Church. His role is to support the Mayor at civic services and help guide her during her term.

Mayor's Charities

The Mayor's charities are both local registered charities.

Buckingham Food Bank

This Food Bank distributes non-perishable and fresh food to people in need, who have been referred by an agency or local church. Volunteers deliver supplies directly to their homes, or confidentially via their referring agency. This service covers short-term emergencies, such as sudden unemployment or loss of benefits.

Jedidiah UK

Their fresh food pantry located at 13 Castle Street, Buckingham is a charity working in partnership with local supermarkets to repurpose the surplus food they are unable to sell. Best of all, it’s free to access and use. Each day, all the unsold food is displayed for families to come and help themselves. This includes good quality vegetables, fruit, dairy, baked goods, meat and fish products.

Their main aims are to help people struggling to make ends meet, access healthy food, reduce isolation and ensure that no good food goes to waste.

How to contact the Mayor

If you would like the Mayor to attend one of your events then email her direct on and copy in

Please include your invitation and as much detail about the event as possible.