Planning Agenda

Monday 19th February 2018 following the Informal and Interim Council meetings 
in the Council Chamber, Cornwalls Meadow, Buckingham

Venue: The Town Council Chamber, Cornwalls Meadow, Buckingham, MK18 1RP View directions

Contact: Nina Stockill; Email:
Please note that the meeting will be preceded by a Public Session in accordance with Standing Order 3.f, which will last for a maximum of 15 minutes, and time for examination of the plans by Members.


  1. Apologies for Absence
    Members are asked to receive apologies from Members.
  2. Declarations of Interest
    To receive declarations of any personal or prejudicial interest under consideration on this agenda in accordance with the Localism Act 2011 Sections 26-34 & Schedule
  3. Minutes
    To receive the minutes of the Planning Committee Meeting held on Monday 29th January 2018 to be put before the Full Council meeting to be held on 12th March 2018.
    Copy previously circulated
  4. Presentation
    To receive a presentation from Mr. Roger Coy, Architect, on revisions to 17/03386/APP, two dwellings on land to the rear of Wharf Terrace, Stratford Road (see below, 8.9).
    Mr. Coy has been advised that any views expressed at this stage of the meeting are to be taken as personal, and without prejudice to the eventual response of the Committee.
  5. Buckingham Neighbourhood Plan/Vale of Aylesbury Plan
    To receive any update.
  6. Action Reports
    6.1 To receive action reports as per the attached list. Appendix A
    6.2 (374/17; Conservation Area meeting) To receive the notes of the meeting held on 11th January 2018  Appendix B
    6.3 (740/17) To receive information on Change of Use applications Appendix C
    6.4 (746/17) To receive a verbal report from Cllr. Stuchbury on the s106 meeting
    6.5 (250.1/17 Police Station wall): To receive a verbal update from the Planning Clerk
  7. Planning Applications 
    For Member’s information the next scheduled Development Management Committee meetings are 8th and 29th March 2018, with SDMC meetings on 7th and 28th March 2018.
    To consider planning applications received from AVDC and other applications
    17/01157/APP      Park Manor Farm, Moreton Road, MK18 1PP  Spowart Retrospective application for change of use from Children’s day nursery to two flats and garage to annex
    17/04671/ALB      19 Castle Street, MK18 1BP   Marzec
    Internal alterations to form 5 studio flats and one one-bedroomed flat
    18/00092/APP      4 Bodenham Close, MK18 7HR Sales
    Demolition of existing conservatory and erection of a single storey rear extension
    18/00147/APP      32 Chandos Road, MK18 1AL  Robbins
    First floor side extension including bathroom, bay window improvement and single storey rear extension
    18/00169/APP      14 Cotton End, MK18 7RJ Newman
    Erection of timber shed and external flue for wood burning stove, on side elevation of house
    18/00328/APP      1 to 2 Market Hill, MK18 1JS [ex NatWest Bank]  Morrison Property Consultants Ltd.
    Conversion of building to create 8 new 1 bedroom dwellings. Reconstructed and remodelled elevation façade facing Market Hill including new shop fronts. Infilling of covered front arcade on ground floor to create increased retail area. Conversion of retail space involving alterations to the external envelope of the building

    18/00416/APP      BCQ, Osier Way, MK18 1TB  Curryer, BCQ
    Erection of building


    17/00746/APP      Former Railway Station Site, Station Road   University of Buckingham
    Erection of new student accommodation (C2) building including ground floor parking with associated landscaping and access
    Members’ previous comments are attached.       Appendix D
    Amended plans: proposed access revised in response to BCC Highways comments of 15th May 2017 (table of BCC comments and consultant’s responses on website)

    17/03386/APP      Land to rear of Wharf Hill Terrace, Stratford Road
    Erection of two dwellings with associated parking and turning area including provision of designated parking area for residents of Wharf Hill Cottages
    Members’ response (9/10/17) OPPOSE & ATTEND: Members felt that this was an overdevelopment of the site, that the difference in level would mean that the new houses would overlook the existing terrace, and that the site plan provided was inadequate. They also pointed out that the speed limit on the Stratford Road is 30mph not 40mph as stated.

    Amended plans: the red line boundary has been changed to exclude the access from Stratford Road and the wider end before the existing terrace; the 7 parking bays in this area have been deleted; section drawings have been provided showing the relationship to the terrace of cottages and the amount of roof visible from Wittmills Oak to the east of the site.

    17/04326/ALB Stoneleigh House, Castle Street, MK18 1BP  Parslow
    Alterations to Listed Building in relation to conversion to hotel
    This is the ALB parallel to the APP with amended red line considered last meeting. No other changes

    17/04776/APP      Willowby, Bath Lane, MK18 1DX  Hough
    Demolition of existing bungalow and construction of a part single storey, part two-storey house with integral garage mainly based on the re-use of the existing footprint.

Members’ previous response: (15/1/18) OPPOSE & ATTEND: Members noted that while the house itself was approximately the same footprint as the bungalow, the new garage and the decking fell outside this, and were on a solid plinth, thus increasing the amount of intrusion into the floodable land. Though the fall is stated to be 1/15, this is not a consistent slope, being steeper at the landward end, and almost flat at the river end. The proposed house may be safe from flooding itself (and major flooding occurs at approximately 10 year intervals in Buckingham, and minor flooding annually), the displaced floodwaters have to go somewhere, and it is unjust and unneighbourly to cause flooding to other people’s property. The cumulative effect of small and large encroachments into the floodplain is a matter of concern to Members. Should the LPA be minded to approve this application, Members suggested that mounting the decking on stilts might be a solution.

The position of the soakaway seemed to contradict its practicability when river levels are high, and the existing bungalow is not connected to the main sewer so should the proposed house be so connected, it would need a pump and new pipeline to Bath Lane, construction of which would cause a major disruption to the neighbouring properties which share the access.

It was also considered that this part of the Conservation Area was attractive because of its open and natural character, and that a two-storey replacement dwelling would affect this.

Amended plans: revised plans and elevations showing pillared understorey and Flood Risk Assessment.

Not for consultation

18/00300/ATP      5 Waglands Garden, MK18 1EA   Lines
T1: Overall crown reduction on English Oak by 2-3m, due to excessive overhang over driveway
T2: Side back yew 1-2m away from driveway
Members canvassed by email unanimously objected to this work, pointing out that the trees pre-dated the development, and their growth should have been allowed for

The following Minor Amendments have been received, for information only:
The Old Surgery, 16 West Street, MK18 1HP  Rodwell
18/00370/ATP  Ts1&2 (TLC ID 5631) Common Beech – reduce canopy by up to 25%. The trees have become too large for their environment and in-line with good arboricultural practice, need to be reduced in order to remain healthy and safe.

18/00243/ATC  Ts3&4 Common Beech – reduce canopy by up to 25%. The trees have become too large for their environment and in-line with good arboricultural practice, need to be reduced in order to remain healthy and safe
T5 1 x Common Beech – fell to ground level. This tree is has become to large for its situation and is of low amenity value.

8. Planning Decisions     

To receive for information details of planning decisions made by AVDC as per ‘Bulletin’ and other decisions.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   BTC                Officer Approved                                                                                    response       recommn.
17/04001/ALB 4 High Street  Demol. glazed link, construct ext’n     No objections
17/04003/APP Unit 18, Osier Way Ch/use to Class D2, 24-hr gym  Oppose
17/04395/APP Browns, Gawcott Hill  Construction of workshop
17/04424/AAD Lidl, Lace Hill   Signage                                            No objections

Not Consulted on:
17/04295/ATP Maids Moreton Ave.   Works to trees o/hanging wall of 4 Manor Gardens

9. Changes to Committee (per Full Council minute 724/17)
To receive, discuss and agree a report from the Town Clerk    P/69/17

10. Development Management Committee
      10.1 Strategic Development Management (14th February 2018) Cancelled
      10.2 Development Management (15th February 2018) No Buckingham applications

11. Enforcement
11.1 To receive the January 2018 update  
Appendix E   
11.2 To report any new breaches

12. (744/17) Street Naming – Tingewick Triangle      Appendix F
To receive and discuss further suggestions for streetnames for 17/04668/ADP

13. Transport
To report any damaged superfluous and redundant signage in the town.

14. Access
To report any access-related issues.

15. Correspondence
News releases
17. Chairman’s items for information
18. Date of the next meeting:  Monday 19th March 2018 at 7pm.



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