Planning Agenda

Monday 29th October 2018 in the Council Chamber, Cornwalls Meadow, Buckingham following an Interim meeting of Full Council.

Venue: The Town Council Chamber, Cornwalls Meadow, Buckingham, MK18 1RP View directions

Contact: Nina Stockill; Email:
Please note that the meeting will be preceded by a Public Session in accordance with Standing Order 3.f, which will last for a maximum of 15 minutes, and time for examination of the plans by Members.


  1. Apologies for Absence
    Members are asked to receive apologies from Members.
  2. Declarations of Interest
    To receive declarations of any personal or prejudicial interest under consideration on this agenda in accordance with the Localism Act 2011 Sections 26-34 & Schedule 4.
  3. Minutes
    To receive the minutes of the Planning Committee Meeting held on Monday 8th October 2018 to be put before the Full Council meeting to be held on 19th November 2018.Copy previously circulated
  4. Buckingham Neighbourhood Plan/Vale of Aylesbury Plan
    To receive any update.
  5. Action Reports

5.1 To receive action reports as per the attached list.
Appendix A
5.2 (Public session, 8/10/18) To receive and discuss a reply from AVDC Forward Plans
Appendix B

  1. Planning Applications
    For Member’s information the next scheduled Development Management Committee meetings are 15th November and 13th December 2018, with SDMC meetings on 14th November and 14th December 2018.

To consider planning applications received from AVDC and other applications

  1. 18/03451/APP 1 Naseby Court, MK18 1TS
    Single storey front and rear extension, including new roof over garage, overhand [sic; maybe overhang as previous application] and internal modifications.
  2. 18/03465/APP 8 Busby Close, MK18 1YW
    First floor side extension

The following three applications can be considered together:

National Westminster Bank plc, 2 Market Hill, MK18 1JS

  1. 18/03474/APP Change of use of the above property from a Class A1 (retail)
    use to a mixed Class A1/A3 use (coffee shop), together with external shop front alterations and the implementation of 2№ air conditioning condenser units and 4№ replacement windows to the rear of the property.
  2. 18/03475/APP Change of use of land from public highway to an outdoor seating area
  3. 18/03476/AAD 1№ illuminated fascia sign and 2№ illuminated projecting signs Coffee #1 Ltd.
  4. 18/03593/APP Bromley, Stratford Road, MK18 1NY
    Partial demolition of rear corner of the rear outrigger of the main house (2 storeys) and demolition of the single storey rear side extension. Construction of a part 2 storey to the rear and side and a part 1 storey extension to the side (between the 2 storey part and the main house)
  5. 18/03597/APP 9 Portfield Way, MK18 1BB
    Proposed first floor front, part two storey, part single storey side/rear extensions

The following two applications can be considered together

  1. 18/03647/APP 6 Market Hill, MK18 1JN
  2. 18/03648/ALB Partial demolition and internal alterations of retail/business
    accommodation along with change of use from office to residential for the purpose of student accommodation
    Behan (Newbottle Estates)


  1. 18/02744/APP 35 Woodlands Crescent, MK18 1PJ
    Loft conversion with first floor extension. Single storey rear extension and side garage.
    Amendments: depth of the rear dormer reduced, but reasonable size for the bedroom maintained by re-siting the staircase; clapboard cladding added to the rear dormer elevation.


  1. Planning Decisions
    To receive for information details of planning decisions made by AVDC as per ‘Bulletin’ and other decisions.

7.1 Approved

18/02801/APP Town&Country Cars          Ch/use A1 retail  D2 gym                            No objections

18/02866/ALB    Holland House  Repairs to side gable wall
No objections, subj.HBO

18/02867/APP   11 Church Street             First floor rear extension
No objections

18/02868/ALB                                                    First floor rear extension
No objections, subj.HBO

18/02936/ACD University,Hunter St.       Demolition of laundrette
No objections


18/02239/APP 6 Stowe Avenue First floor side and rear extension
Oppose & Attend

18/02957/ACL 5 Cornwalls Centre             Ch/use to A4 (Beer shop)
No objections

Does not satisfy the conditions for ACL, full planning permission required.

18/02828/APP 6 Wharf View                       Two storey front extension
Changed to No Objections last meeting (from Oppose & Attend)

7.2 Not Consulted on:


18/02432/ATP (Maids Moreton Ave)       Maintenance to various trees
No obejctions
18/03197/ATP Tingewick Road      Fell diseased sycamore tree
No objections


17/03432/ATP Land off Chandos Rd.Fell 4 yew & 1 Portuguese Laurel

Split decision

18/02459/ATP Land off Chandos Rd. Fell 1 Yew                                                   Oppose

Crown lift 7 limes; prune 1 beech             Oppose                Approved

Recommendation for the Refused & Split/Refused: resubmit a revised landscape plan & schedule under original application 16/01413/APP, as these trees were originally marked for retention.

7.3 Planning Inspectorate
18/00928/APP Land adj. Little Oaks, Brackley Road; Conversion of garage to residential

Appeal against Refusal
If Members agree any further representation should be made (our responses will form part of AVDC’s case) the cut-off date is 13th November.
Appendix C

  1. Development Management Committee
    8.1 Strategic Development Management (26th October 2018
    16/03302/APP Grand Junction Care Home Decision following deferral for s106 agreement
    8.2 Development Management (25th October 2018) No Buckingham applications
  2. Enforcement
    9.1 September AVDC update will be circulated separately if received before the meeting
    9.2          To report any new breaches
  3. Streetnaming – response to FoI Request (land adj. to Verdun)
    To discuss the response from AVDC, and agree any further action                           
    Appendix D
  4. Matters to report
    Members to report any damaged, superfluous and redundant signage in the town, access issues or any other urgent matter.
  5. Chairman’s items for information
  6. Date of the next meeting: Monday 26th November 2018 at 7pm.










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