Planning Agenda

Planning Agenda

Monday 3rd February 2020 in the Council Chamber, Cornwalls Meadow.

Venue: The Town Council Chamber, Cornwalls Meadow, Buckingham, MK18 1RP View directions

Contact: Louise Stubbs; Email:

Please note that the meeting will be preceded by a Public Session in accordance with Standing Order 3.f, which will last for a maximum of 15 minutes, and time for examination of the plans by Members.



  1. Apologies for Absence
    Members are asked to receive apologies from Members.
  2. Declarations of Interest
    To receive declarations of any personal or prejudicial interest under consideration on this agenda in accordance with the Localism Act 2011 Sections 26-34 & Schedule 4.
  3. Minutes
    To receive receive and agree the minutes of the Planning Committee Meeting held on Monday 20th January 2020 to be put before the Full Council meeting to be held on Monday 10th March 2020. Copy previously circulated.
  4. Buckingham Neighbourhood Plan/Vale of Aylesbury Plan
    4.1 To receive a report from the Town Clerk regarding future s106 and CIL funding. PL/148/19
    4.2 To receive and discuss a press release from AVDC Appendix A
  5. Action Reports
    To receive action reports as per the attached list. Appendix B
  6. Planning Applications

For Member’s information the next scheduled Development Management Committee meetings are Thursday 20th February and Friday 13th March 2020, with SDMC meetings on Wednesdays 19th February and 11th March 2020.

To consider planning applications received from AVDC and other applications

  1. 20/00161/AAD Hair@22 Ltd, 22 Market Hill MK11JX
    Retrospective consent for shop name fascia sign


  1. 19/00391/APP The Workshop, Land off Tingewick Road MK18 1GX
    Subdivision and change of use of existing domestic, ancillary outbuilding to a B1 office and creation of new access
    EP Constructions Ltd.
    Creation of new access and blocking up of existing access has been added to the change of use application. An illustrated briefing note is attached: Appendix C
    Members’ response to the original application was (25th February 2019)
    NO OBJECTIONS: Members were concerned about an increase in traffic using the access, and should the office require signage the applicant was reminded that a separate application was necessary.


  1. 19/03849/APP Esso Petrol Filling Station, Buckingham Bypass
    Single storey side and rear extension
    Ternent [EG Group]
    Additional documents: Planning Design and Access Statement; [Transport] Technical Note.
    Members declined to make a response at the 25th November meeting and asked for further information as follows: “Members would like further information on parking provision (including accommodation for commercial drivers taking a statutory break); lighting levels (parking and signage) as the site is adjacent to the bypass; opening hours, if different to the petrol station; a response from Environmental Health, as there was no detail of the bakery area – were staff expected to use the toilet facilities in the public area?
    They would also like reassurance that the toilet is fully accessible for disabled customers; and the incorporation of grey water reuse and solar panels. “
    Apart from noting that no parking space will be lost, none of these points is addressed in the new documents, which may be why we found out about them via an email enquiry to the office rather than formal notification from AVDC.

NOT IN OUR PARISH (in Thornborough but adjacent to the boundary)

  1. 19/04387/APP Land south of Bourton Road [E of the river, S of Thornborough Bridge]
    Change of use from redundant agricultural shelter to holiday studio
    Additional plan shows 6m x 3m parking space (down the lane on the east side of the Padbury Road, at Cloverick Moor farmhouse - about 500 yards walk) and location of septic tank.(adjacent to the ‘holiday studio’ and c.5m from it)
    Members looked at this last meeting and responded: FURTHER INFORMATION REQUIRED - Members had no objections to the proposal per se, but would have liked details of the means of electricity generation and the siting of the bio-digester. It was also hoped that a u-v filter would be fitted to the water supply. There are adjacent archaeological sites whose setting might be compromised by a wind generator, for example, and no solar panels were shown in the drawings.
    If satisfied on the above points, Members would be minded to respond ‘No Objections subject to the recommendation of the BCC Archaeologist’


  1. 20/00178/ACL 12 Catchpin Street, MK18 7RR
    Applications for a Lawful Development Certificate for the proposed loft conversion with front and rear Velux windows


  1. Planning Decisions
    To receive for information details of planning decisions made by AVDC as per ‘Bulletin’ and other decisions.

Approved                                                                                        BTC Response

19/04047/AAD, 19/04049/ALB White Hart Hotel Replacement signage & repainting
No objections

19/04146/ALB White Hart Hotel Internal & external refurbishment
Oppose & Attend*
* The following was received from Parish Support and circulated on 7th January;
The planning officer wanted to pass on the following information regarding the TC’s comments on the application above.
It is noted that the Town Council have objected to the above application and requested to speak at committee as the Design & Access Statement made no mention of access for the disabled and it is felt that the refurbishment could make better provision. In addition, members asked that the outside drinking area not be furnished with heaters.
The application in question is for Listed Building Consent only, as the proposed works do not require planning permission. When assessing Listed Building applications, the LPA can only assess the impact on the special architectural and historic interest of the listed building. Therefore, in this case, the points raised by the Town Council are not considered to be material considerations that would trigger committee. This application will therefore be determined under delegated powers.

Not Consulted on:

19/04034/ATP 4 Pine Close Works to horse chestnut

19/04154/ACL 2 Chandos Close ACL for s/st rear extension replacing conservatory
[Members had No Objections]

  1. Development Management Committee
    8.1 Strategic Development Management (29th January 2020) Cancelled
    8.2 Development Management (30th January 2020) Cancelled
  2. Business Plan
    To receive a written report from the Town Clerk and agree the recommendations. PL/149/19
  3. Enforcement
    10.1 10.1 To note that Cllr. Stuchbury has raised an Enforcement Case (20/00042/CON3) re Sunday working on the Beefeater/Premier Inn site, contrary to the Construction Management Plan, and the St Rumbolds Fields advertising is 20/00019/CON3.
    10.2 To report any new breaches
  4. Matters to report
    Members to report any damaged, superfluous and redundant signage in the town, access  issues or any other urgent matter.
  5. Chairman’s items for information
  6. Date of the next meeting: Monday 24th February 2020 following the Interim Council meeting