Chaired by Cllr. Mark Cole JP

This committee has four key roles:

It reviews every planning application, considers tree applications, takes part in various district and regional consultations where they may impact on Buckingham (such as housing, transport, leisure and economic development) and most recently, leads the production of the Buckingham Neighbourhood Development Plan.

The Town Council is a statutory consultee, and reviews all planning applications advising Buckinghamshire Council should they not meet the BNDP or  AVDLP policies, the Vision & Design Statement, Government guidelines or actual law (for example, the Equality Act). However, it should be noted that Buckinghamshire Council makes the final decision on all planning applications, and does not always agree with the Town Council’s comments. If you write to the Buckinghamshire Council to support or object to an application, it would be helpful if you also provided a copy of the letter to the Town Council.

The Planning Committee is the lead body producing the Buckingham Neighbourhood Development Plan as a Frontrunner authority. The Neighbourhood Plan is the successor of the 2008-09 ‘Buckingham Plan’ that the committee also produced.

Latest Planning Committee Meetings


To access all past committee agendas, reports and minutes, including this year, please click here.