Full Council

Chaired by the Mayor, Cllr Geraldine Collins

Full Council meetings are held every seven weeks. However, if there is urgent business which needs to be transacted, then an Interim Council meeting will be held.

The Chairman of the Council is elected at the Annual Meeting of the Town Council in May and has the title of Mayor. They are then the Mayor of the Town for one year and may be re-elected Mayor again.

The Full Council deals with important business which affects the whole town. It oversees the Committees of the Council. The Council also receive reports from local District and County Councillors and bodies to which it appoints representatives.

Latest Full Council Meeting


To access all past committee agendas, reports and minutes, including this year, please click here.

Appeals Committee

Appeals Committee Terms of Reference.

Staffing (Confidential Matters)

Chaired by Councillor Geraldine Collins

The Committee is responsible for the Town Council’s functions:

  • Advising the Town Clerk on confidential matters relating to the discipline, capability and sickness management of staff employed by the Town Clerk
  • Establishing a panel of members to hear formal cases of misconduct or capability as required by relevant council policies
  • Minutes are confidential and not published.