Full Council Agenda

Full Council Meeting of the Full Council of Buckingham Town Council.

 Agenda: Monday 12th March 2018 7:00pm

Venue: The Town Council Chamber, Cornwalls Meadow, Buckingham, MK18 1RP View directions

Contact: Nina Stockill; Email: committeeclerk@buckingham-tc.gov.uk

Please note that the Full Council meeting will be preceded by Public Session lasting for a maximum of 15 minutes, in accordance with Standing Order 3.f.


  1. Apologies for Absence
    Members are asked to receive apologies from members.
  2. Declarations of Interest
    To receive declarations of any personal or prejudicial interest under consideration on this agenda in accordance with the Localism Act 2011 Sections 26-34 & Schedule 4.
  3. Minute
    Copy previously circulated BTC/10/17
    To receive the minutes and confirm the recommendations therein of the Full Council Meeting held on Monday 22nd January 2018
  4. Interim Minutes
    Copy previously circulated IM/05/7
    To receive the minutes and confirm the recommendations therein of the Interim Council meeting held on Monday 19th February 2018.
  5. Planning Committee
    To receive the minutes and confirm the recommendations therein of the Planning Committee meetings held on:
  • Monday 15th January 2018
    Copy previously circulated PL/11/17

    Proposed by Cllr. Cole, seconded by Cllr. Harvey and AGREED to RECOMMEND to Full Council to co-opt two members of the Buckingham Society onto the working group for the Neighbourhood Development Planning Group.Proposed by Cllr. Smith, seconded by Cllr. Harvey, and RECOMMENDED to the Full Council to discuss minute 615/17 regarding the restricting of Councillor’s access to view plans to one preview meeting as this was not convenient for all the Councillors who wished to attend.
  • Monday 29th January 2018
    Copy previously circulated PL/12/17
  • Monday 19th February 2018
    Copy previously circulated PL/13/17

Proposed by Cllr. Stuchbury, seconded by Cllr. Smith and RECOMMENDED to Full Council to proceed with the creation of a leaflet on the Buckingham Conservation Area.

·         To be distributed to all addresses in the conservation area.

·         To encourage care of the buildings and appearance of the town centre/CA.

·         To encourage reporting of damage and planning breaches, and engender pride of place.

·         To encourage reporting of damage and planning breaches with respect to work to, and felling of, trees.

·         To promote membership of Buckingham Society.

·         To publicise the information in the Vision and Design Statement.

·         To highlight characteristic architectural details.

·         To contain a simplified map of the conservation area illustrated with interesting aspects of the V&D Statement and CA document.

6.Town Centre and Events Committee
Copy previously circulated TCE/06/17
To receive the minutes and confirm the recommendations therein of the Town Centre and Events Committee meetings held on Monday 5th February 2018.

7. Environment Committee
Copy previously circulated E/06/17
To receive the minutes and confirm the recommendations therein of the Environment Committee meeting held on Monday 12th February 2018.

8. Resources Committee
Copy previously circulated R/06/17
To receive the minutes and confirm the recommendations therein of the Resources Committee meeting held on Monday 26th February 2018.

9. Development Proposal for new Town Council offices
To receive a presentation from Mr. Nigel Morrison of Morrison Property Consultants Ltd.

10.To receive and question reports from District and County Councillors

11. Major Planning Application
18/00216/APP             Station House Tingewick Road,  MK18 1STWest
Erection of 20 no. two bed flats

12. New Homes Bonus Project Grant round open for Expressions of Interest
To receive and discuss email from AVDC
Appendix A

13. Town and Gown Partnership
To receive a discussion paper from the Town Mayor.
Appendix B

14. Review of Local Government Ethical Standards: Stakeholder Consultation
To receive and consider a response to the consultation.
Appendix C

15. Buckinghamshire Minerals and Waste Local Plan
To receive and consider a response to the consultation.
Appendix D

16. Buckinghamshire’s Draft Freight Strategy (2018-2036)
To receive and consider a response to the consultation.
Appendix E

17. Friends of Buckingham nomination
To receive and consider a nomination from Mr. J. Rooney
Appendix F

18. Action List
Appendix G

19. Reports from Representatives on Outside Bodies
Members are asked to note the reports listed below

19.1          Buckingham Community Centre Committee January – November 2017
Appendix H
Access for All 13th November 2017
Appendix I
        Buckingham Centre for the Arts (AGM) 28th November 2017
Appendix J

20. Motion – Proposed by Cllr. Mrs. R. Newell and seconded by Cllr. R. Stuchbury
We call on Buckingham Town Council to do all it can to encourage the Town of Buckingham, residents and businesses to reduce the use of single use plastics in Buckingham to assist with the reduction of the problems of plastic waste, that is impacting on our Environment and Oceans.

21. Royal wedding – event at Lace Hill Sports and Community Centre
To receive a written report from the Lace Hill Sports and Community Coordinator      

22. Mayoral Engagements
23 Jan 2018 BACAB meeting
31 Jan 2018 SLCC Regional Training Seminar: presentation on Health Festival
9 Feb 2018 Meeting with Supt Tim Metcalfe & Police team
9 Feb 2018 Winter Reception RAF Croughton
9 Feb 2018 Inspection of property managed by Buckingham Almshouses and Welfare Charity
13 Feb 2018 Pancake race (rain stopped play) followed by Church Pancake Party
14 Feb 2018 Buckingham Charities Governance committee
15 Feb 2018 Story telling at Hamilton House Care Home
15 to 17 Feb 2018 The Town & Gown Road Trip with UoB Vice Chancellor
20 Feb 2018 UoB Medical School Academic centre opening at Milton Keynes Hospital
23 Feb 2018 BAFA 10th Birthday celebration
24 Feb 2018 Food Fair & Junior Bakeoff judging
10 Mar 2018 Fairtrade fortnight coffee morning / big brew
10 March 2018 Mad March Ceilidh hosted by Mayor of Brackley
12 Mar 2018 Commonwealth Day flag raising

Functions the Deputy Mayor has attended:
Jan 28th                Vice-Chancellor’s Reception (represented by Deputy Mayoress)
Feb 13th               Pancake Races, Parish Church
Feb 15th               TV Police Vehicle Theft Briefing, Community Centre
Feb 24th               Buckingham Food Fare, Community Centre
Feb 25th               Buckingham Literary Festival Launch, The Garage
Mar 3rd                 Paralympics Flame Launch, Aylesbury

Functions the Mayor has attended:
To receive a list of events attended by the Mayor and Deputy Mayor.

23. Chair’s Announcements

24. Date of the next meeting:          Interim Council – Monday 9th April 2018
Full Council – Tuesday 8th May 2018







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