Annual Meetings

There are three annual Town Council meetings; the Annual Town Meeting, the Annual Statutory Meeting and the Precept.

Annual Town Meeting

This year's Annual Town Meeting will be held on Thursday 24th March 2022 at 7pm in the Buckingham Community Centre.

Buckingham Town Council has already declared a Climate Emergency and developed its own Action Plan to drive the organisation toward carbon neutrality by 2030 but how can the town’s population, organisations and businesses to work with us in that aim. This year's Annual Town Meeting will be themed on Climate Change and will bring together stakeholders from the community, local Councils, businesses and residents to:

  • Update you on what has been achieved so far
  • Share ideas on how we can all take action to achieve net zero carbon Buckingham

The meeting is open to EVERYONE and it is hoped the meeting will identify Buckingham’s key themes for the initiation of Community led Climate Action Groups. The public meeting will involve local experts that can set the context, as well as the wider community. There will be a series of information stalls from different organisations within the environmental sector and six tables, each with different discussion topics.

  1. Energy & Housing
  2. Transport
  3. Waste
  4. Food & Land
  5. Community & Change for the Future
  6. Other Issues within Buckingham

All members of the public are invited to come along. Town and Unitary Councillors will be in attendance to answer your queries on any other matters relating to Buckingham. However, if you have a burning question or feel passionately about a local issue that doesn’t get the attention it deserves then come along to one of our weekly Committee meetings. For more information on what to expect from a Town Council meeting please visit our website at:

Agenda for the Annual Town Meeting: 24th March 2022

Annual Statutory Meeting

The Annual Statutory Meeting in May is the first meeting of the municipal year. The elections of the Mayor and Deputy Mayor take place at this meeting.





The Precept meeting is the meeting which determines the tax that Buckingham Town Council will request via Aylesbury Vale District Council to be collected from the eligible households in the Buckingham Town Council catchment area.

To access all past committee agendas, reports and minutes, including this year, please click here.

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