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Looking for a local venue to hire, want to start a new activity, organise a fundraising event or thinking of volunteering? Then contact the Lace Hill Sports & Community Centre Co-ordinator today!

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LHSCCLace Hill Sports & Community Centre is a welcoming facility situated on the new Lace Hill estate, owned and operated by Buckingham Town Council. There are two main rooms, a Sports Hall and a Committee Room, that offer a range of activities from sports to exercise, childcare and private functions. Lace Hill Sports & Community Centre aims to provide a well maintained, accessible community resource for the benefit of Buckingham residents, contributing to community growth, development, and the economic wellbeing of the local area.

Hiring the Lace Hill Sports and Community Centre

The Sports and Community Centre consists of:

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For more information about temporary event licences please contact Aylesbury Vale District Council’s licensing department or see information here.

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Musical Theatre is coming soon! Classes starting November 1st 2017.

Brand new Mum & Baby Yoga every Monday.

Sports in Buckingham:
If you are a Sports Club/Activity Organisation I would like to hear from you! As part of a BTC initiative to help make Buckingham a healthy and active town we would like to feature your details on a register that will then be accessed via a link on the BTC website. If this is something you would like to be part of please email me, the Lace Hill Sports and Community Centre Coordinator at:



Buckinghamshire Lace is a very fine pillow lace, and the making of it provided an income for local women until the First World War, especially here in Buckingham. Lace making is part of the Town’s industrial heritage.

A typical Buckinghamshire Lace motif is the ‘cucumber’, a short fat oval with a line of holes (to represent seeds) inside; the Mayor’s jabot, a decorative collar, has a strip of cucumber pattern lace. Very complex patterns might need as many as a hundred bead-weighted bobbins and these were often carved and decorated.

Town Councillors chose a mixture of names for the streets on Lace Hill– some tools, like Pillow, Bobbin, Linen, Silk, and some stitches, like Mayflower, Butterfly, Constance and Rosemary.

As for the name for the estate: Lace Hill is just for ease of reference. This does not need to form part of the postal address. The Town Council is grateful for the expert help of Kay Bradley, Kay Meadows and Helene Hill in compiling the list of possible street names.


Lace Hill Tea & Tots

Buckingham’s new parent, baby and toddler group started on Monday 30th January 2017. All parents/carers with their children (0 to 3 years of age) are welcome!

Meet every Monday from 10am to 12 noon at the Lace Hill Sports & Community Centre. £2 per parent/carer and first child, 50p per additional child.

For more information about please contact the Lace Hill Sports and Community Centre Coordinator at: or on 01280 812 872.

Contact Us

For more information about the Lace Hill Sports & Community Centre or for bookings, please contact Sam Hoareau, Lace Hill Sports and Community Centre Coordinator
at: or on 01280 812 872 / 01280 816 426.

Address: Catchpin Street, Buckingham MK18 7RR

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The Town Council undertakes to provide a wide range of services and facilities encompassing the cemetery, parks, markets, events and many others. This is provided through the work of the Town Councillors and the hard working staff of the Town Council.button1

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Buckingham Town Council Staff

Members of staff can be contacted on the email addresses given below or by:
Phone:01280 816 426
Post: Buckingham Town Council, The Buckingham Centre,  Verney Close, Buckingham. MK18 1JP

Mr Christopher Wayman
Town Clerk

Has overall responsibility for conducting the business of the Council and advising the Council.
Ms Claire Childs
Deputy Town Clerk
Supports the Town Clerk with Human Resources issues, payroll & pensions. Oversees the Lace Hill Sports & Community Centre and the Market.
Ms Amanda Brubaker
Events Co-ordinator

Works with the Town Centre and Events Committee and organises the town’s events programme.
Mrs Katharine McElligott
Planning Officer

Main admin support for the Town Clerk and is Clerk to the Planning Committee.
Miss Eloise-Mary Medland
General Administrator

Takes care of general administration for the Council offices and co-ordinates the production of Buckingham Town Matters.
Mrs Jodie Baughan
Finance Officer

Maintains accounts and budgets for the Council. In partnership with the Deputy Town Clerk, oversees Payroll & Pensions.
Mrs Nina Stockill
Committee Clerk

Clerks meetings of the Council’s Committees and liaises with Committee Chairmen to ensure that the minutes reflect an accurate record of the Meetings of Buckingham Town Council.
Mr Lee Phillips,
Estates Manager
Looks after the Green Spaces and manages the Grounds Maintenance Team. Responsible for the management of the Brackley Road Cemetery.
Mr Ian Saunders
Ground Maintenance Supervisor
Arranges the workload of the Grounds Maintenance team and makes “on the ground” decisions while out on site.
Mr Craig Calder
Grounds Maintenance
Carries out general maintenance on play areas, parks and cemeteries, ensures that equipment is safe for use and facilities are Health and Safety compliant.
Mr Roy Calder
Grounds Maintenance
Carries out general maintenance on play areas, parks and cemeteries, ensures that equipment is safe for use and facilities are Health and Safety compliant.
Mrs Sam Hoareau
Lace Hill Co-ordinator
Co-ordinates bookings for the Lace Hill Community & Sports Centre.
Mr Steve Staley
Market Manager
Manages the market on behalf of the Town Council. Ensures that all traders are operating safely and that all rules and regulations laid down are adhered to.
Ms Sue Rossforth
Shopmobility Officer

Buckingham Shopmobility
Cornwall’s Meadow Car Park
MK18 1RP
Mrs Barbra Farmer, Mace Bearer
Mr Russell Cross,Town Crier

Buckingham Town Council,
The Buckingham Centre,
Verney Close
MK18 1JP

Current Vacancies

Community Centre Assistant/ Caretaker
Application Pack
Application Form
E&D Monitoring Form


Local Council Award Scheme

Buckingham Town Council has attained the Quality Gold Award!

The scheme celebrates the successes of the very best local councils, and provides a framework to support all local councils to improve and develop to meet their full potential. The scheme encourages progression by including three award levels: Foundation, Quality and Quality Gold, and offers councils the opportunity to show that they meet the standards set by the sector, assessed by their peers, and to put in place the conditions for continued improvement.

Those Town and Parish Councils at the forefront of best practice, achieving excellence in governance, community leadership and council development are heralded with the auspicious Quality Gold Award.