Buckingham gained Fairtrade Town Status on 15th September 2007 and is currently looking forward to its tenth anniversary. A steering group organises awareness events and promotional materials.


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Buckingham – A Fairtrade Town

The aim is to support people in the poorest countries, ensuring that those who make or grow the products we buy, are able to enjoy the fruits of their labour. This means:
• A guaranteed fair price
• A social premium for investing in the education, health and welfare of the communities involved; such as access to clean water and clinics.
• Fair working conditions
• Long-term relationships where companies help producers through difficult times with advance payments and access to credit facilities
• Raising awareness of the need for more just trading systems in the world.

Find out how you can enjoy Fairtrade refreshments, purchase Fairtrade produce or fairly traded artisan crafts in Buckingham by picking up our Directory of Fairtrade Businesses at the library or The Old Gaol, or click here to download your copy. Whether you are looking for knitting wool, coffee, children’s toys, jewellery or homewares, Buckingham has lots of ethical Fairtrade products to choose from.

Fairtrade is also being built into the curriculum and ethos of local schools, in particular at The Buckingham School and the Royal Latin School. All the town’s churches are Fairtrade churches.

Look out for special events in the Market Square and at The Old Gaol during Fairtrade Fortnight and at our autumn anniversary, when we celebrate Buckingham as an excellent centre for ethical shopping and play our part in fighting poverty through trade.

For further information about Fairtrade, please contact the Chair of the Steering Group, Margaret Gateley on 01280 816 317.


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Buckingham is located in the rural north of Buckinghamshire, UK. It can be typified by its Georgian buildings and its historical features, such as the Golden Swan and The Old Gaol, which stands in the centre of the Town. Previously the county town of Buckinghamshire, the town itself dates back to the seventh century and is said to have taken its name from the first settlers – Bucca’s people, who lived on the land in the river bend and were hemmed in by water. The town has a unique market heritage, with its twice weekly Street Market dating back to 1554 and a Royal Charter granted by Queen Mary. Now there is also a Saturday Flea Market as well as occasional Specialty Markets. There is plenty to see and do, with a variety of independent shops, restaurants and cafes, historical buildings, a museum and plenty of parks and green spaces.

There are also many varied events that take place in the town throughout the year, including the Charter Fair, Music in the Market, the Christmas Parade and the Fringe Week.


There are many old styles of housing in the streets off the town centre.