Flooding in Buckingham

Do you live near the river Great Ouse? The river Great Ouse is known to flood in Buckingham. The three biggest parks in the town, Chandos, Heartlands and Bourton Park all sit alongside the river and in wet weather these parks can begin to flood, with river water covering the green areas and footpaths.

Around once every ten years Buckingham might have a serious flooding event, this is when flooding impacts not just on the parks and low lying roads, but on people’s homes.

It is really important that residents know if their home or business is at risk of flooding and prepare in advance. You have a responsibility to prepare for flooding, including protecting yourself and your home.

If flood waters are causing a threat to life, call 999.

Buckingham has a Flood Volunteer Group. If you do not live in the flood risk area, and are willing and able to help notify residents when a flood warning is active, we would love you to join our team.

Flood volunteers wanted poster

Thank you to Granta Network for some of these images of flooding in Buckingham 2020.